Jar Project

The Jar Project installation consists of sixty art-filled jars made by sixty artists with connections to Maine. The jars vary in size, color and texture, and contain a range of genres and mediums including drawings, paintings, photographs, sculptures, and mixed media. The brainchild of Portland-based artist Alex Sax, the Jar Project highlights the creative contributions of numerous local talents, fusing their individual creations together in an installation that is in equal parts evocative, nostalgic and strange.

Artists that Participated include: Judith Allen-Efstathiou, Catherine Anderson, David Graeme Baker, Melinda Barnes Barbara Bean, Chris Beneman, Isabel Bigelow, Sharon L. Bond, Jen Bradford, Maisie Myfawnwy Broome, Stephen Burt, Luis Castro, Edwige Charlot, Emmett Cole, Carol M. Connor, Amy Stacey Curtis, Lisa Dahl, Greg Day, Devin Dobrowolski, Julia Doughty, Catherine Draper, Annie Finch, Catherine Fisher, Jim Flahaven, Sarah Gorham, Carolyn Clark Heasly, Michael Heiko, Michelle Henning, Adriane Herman, Nicole Hogarty, Lis Janes, Cat Jensen, Kate Katomski, Michael Lewis, Debe Loughlin, Edward Mackenzie, Susan McPherran, Cathleen Miller, Bessie Smith Moulton, Linda Murray, Linda P. Nisbet, Sean O’Brien, Karen Hand Ogg, Jeffrey Peacock, Damir Porobic, Abigail Read, Alex Sax, Dorothy Schwartz, Cynthia Smith, Jeffrey Spring, Barbara Sullivan, Jane Sutherland, Doug Swift, Elliott Teel, Sharon Townshend, Graham Wood, Jeff Woodbury, Shoshannah White.