In Loving Memory, Maine Jewish Museum

The gardens of the Maine Jewish Museum are small but beautiful.  Even on a cold grey day in April one can sense that life is lingering beneath the earth, plotting its ascent.  Soon the gardens will be full again and the bees and butterflies will return to this very spot spreading pollen and bringing new life.

I have photographed the gardens and I have spent hours drawing the flowers.  I think of those from the past who walked the steps that I walk to the door of the 1921 restored synagogue.  I wonder what it was like in those early days and I think of the immigrants of today.

I am reminded of the gardens of my youth – the buttercups, dandelions and lilacs and the imagined places that I would go with my crown of flowers.  I wanted to be like a butterfly that flies in the sky free.

Alex Sax April 2018

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